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In the earliest 5th century BC, some of the Ionian cities under Persian rule revolted, which culminated into the Ionian Revolt.This revolt, after being easily suppressed by the Persian authority, laid the direct uplead for the Greco-Persian Wars, which turned out to be one of the most crucial wars in European history.The Kingdom of Pergamum and the Republic of Rhodes, Rome's allies in the war, were granted the former Seleucid lands in Anatolia.Roman control of Anatolia was strengthened by a 'hands off' approach by Rome, allowing local control to govern effectively and providing military protection.The first state that was called Armenia by neighbouring peoples was the state of the Armenian Orontid dynasty, which included parts of eastern Turkey beginning in the 6th century BC, which became the Satrapy of Armenia under Achaemenid rule.Some of the satraps revolted periodically but did not pose a serious threat.They spoke the Thracian language – a scarcely attested branch of the Indo-European language family.The study of Thracians and Thracian culture is known as Thracology.

Anatolia played a pivotal role in Achaemenid history.After the fall of the Hittites, the new states of Phrygia and Lydia stood strong on the western coast as Greek civilization began to flourish.They, and all the rest of Anatolia were relatively soon after incorporated into the Achaemenid Persian Empire.From the time when parts of what is now Turkey was conquered by Turks, the history of Turkey spans the medieval history of the Seljuk Empire, the medieval to modern history of the Ottoman Empire, and the history of the Republic of Turkey since the 1920s.Further information: Prehistory of Anatolia, Ancient Anatolians, Hittite Empire, Syro-Hittite states, Median Empire, Achaemenid Empire, Macedonian Empire, Ancient Regions of Anatolia, Kingdom of Pontus, Seleucid Empire, Byzantine Anatolia, and Ancient Near East The ancient history of Anatolia (Asia Minor) can be roughly subdivided into two prehistory, Ancient Near East (Bronze Age and Early Iron Age), Classical Anatolia, Hellenistic Anatolia, with Byzantine Anatolia spanning the early medieval period to the age of the Crusades and the eventual Turkish (Seljuk/Ottoman) conquest of Anatolia by the 15th century.

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